Why I’m Sexy — And I Know It

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Why I’m Sexy — And I Know It

From Redbook.com:

Feel like you’ve lost your mojo? For inspiration on how to bring your sexy back, check out this hard-won advice from real women on what makes them feel most confident and attractive.

I appreciate my body for what it can do

“My new, post-nursing breasts are a bit deflated compared to the ones I had when I got pregnant. I thought I would care, but I actually don’t. The only person who sees them all the time is my husband, and to me, they are a badge of pride and honor. After all, I fed my amazing daughter from my own body for a full year.” — Felicia B., 38

I hit the dance floor

“If there’s music, I want to dance. I feel sexy as soon as I start moving. Who knows how I actually look to anyone else? I feel sexy, and that’s all that matters. You can always tell a woman who knows she’s got it. It’s almost impossible not to believe her.” — Jenny Block, relationship writer and author of Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage

I’m not afraid to do my own thing

“While I have never really thought of myself as ‘sexy,’ I’ve been told many times that I give off a strong sexual vibe. I’ve never particularly tried to look or act sexy, yet men quite often say they’re drawn to my sexual energy. I have become extremely comfortable in my own skin over the years as I’ve grown emotionally, and don’t care much about impressing others — which some find very attractive. My job as a travel journalist has called for me to travel around the world, many times all on my own, during the past four years. Finding myself alone in places like Africa and the Middle East has forced me to fine-tune my sense of intuition, which plays an important part in cultivating self-awareness and building self-confidence.” — Lisa L., 53

I flatter myself

“I serendipitously ended up with two mirrors in my apartment: one that’s normal and one that’s a store-dressing-room-level of slimming. Before going out, I check the first mirror to make sure everything is fitting properly, and then glance at the second, slimming mirror for a quick confidence boost. To do it yourself, just angle a cheap, full-length mirror against the wall for a more slimming effect. — Stephanie M., 30

I’ve been through enough to believe it

“Some say sexy dies with age. But as I move into my late thirties, the mantra, ‘I am enough’ finally makes sense, and I’m sexier than ever before. I expect to only get sexier! Sexy is truly loving who you are and having the courage to shout it from the mountaintops. My sagging skin and deepened wrinkles are a reminder of lessons learned and wisdom gained. And I’ll wear my weathered body with pride — because that is totally sexy. — Valerie Vendrame, 37, certified yoga instructor and writer

I make my health a priority

“Now that I’m in my thirties, I feel the most sexy and confident when I’m doing something healthy for myself. Sure, there are the physical rewards of a heart-pumping workout or healthy diet, but pushing myself to reach a goal or try a new adventure sport is what makes me truly feel good about myself. Those endorphins after exercise go a long way — more so than any sexy new dress ever could. Of course, staying fit also helps me rock that sexy new dress.” — Katie R., 33

I stopped comparing myself to others

“I felt so hung up on my looks when I was in my early twenties. Any little rejection or lack of interest was taken like a harpoon to the heart. Now that I’m in my thirties, I appreciate my looks and I don’t compare myself to beautiful models in magazines like I did when I was younger. Rejection isn’t a crippling thought anymore. This lack of fear and acceptance of who I am gives me the confidence to look someone in the eye and approach them.” — Dina M., 37

I took the leap

“Confidence came from the moment I started living for myself with the motto, ‘What’s the worst thing that could happen?’ and deciding to just go for it. This motto has given me the courage to pursue my dreams of acting. It doesn’t matter how many ‘no’s’ I get in life, relationships, or auditions. Eventually, there will be another ‘yes,’ and I’ll keep moving my life in the right direction.” — Dawn Church, actress

I do downward dogs

“Going through a divorce made me lose all of my confidence, but taking up yoga helped me to find it again. Yoga taught me about letting go, self-acceptance, and loving my body. I look better now than I did before I had my son, so that’s my secret!” — Leonie P., 35

I see myself as my son does

“Knowing that I’ll always be the greatest in the eyes of my son no matter what is pretty cool. Having a strong bond with him by being present and making time to give him some of my undivided attention every day helps give me more courage to accomplish anything I set out to.” — Marlena K., 36

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