Maternity Workout Wear

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Maternity Workout Wear


Check out these cute exercise clothes to feel more motivated to get moving.

Workout Tank

You don’t have to get stuck wearing your husband’s oversized tee shirts and sweatpants to the gym just because your belly is growing.

Some stretchy workout tanks hug your growing curves in all the wrong places, but this maternity top has full coverage with a modest v-neck for a more streamlined silhouette. It’s also slightly longer in the front than in the back to accommodate a swelling stomach.

Maternity Katharine Tank, $20,

Sports Bra

No need to accept the pancake boob fate when looking for a sports bra that keeps your breasts from bouncing: The Jubralee both encapsulates and elevates breasts for a flattering shape while cutting breast acceleration in half. Plus, it’s good for breastfeeding with drop-down Velcro straps that you can easily undo in the front.

Jubralee Bra, $54,

Ruched T-Shirt

This t-shirt has a drawstring on the side for customized ruching and an adjustable fit. Its long and lightweight to make layering easier—whether you’re taking a Zumba class,prenatal yoga, or walking around the block.

Flow Burnout Tee, $45,

Tankini Maternity Swimsuit

Swimming is an ideal workout for moms-to-be because it combines cardio with resistance and makes you feel weightless. Having a cute suit will motivate you to hit the pool. The vibrant red shade and sexy halter-top cut of this two-piece is both comfy and stylish.

Ruched Maternity Tankini Swimsuit, $80,

One-Piece Maternity Bathing Suit

If you’re looking for a one-piece suit, this maternity swimsuit offers extra shaping in all the right places—the bust, tummy, and hips. It’s made with flexible, soft fabric; expanding front seams; and has a belly pocket with tulle crisscross lining for extra support. It’s also chlorine resistant and has a UV protection of 50.

Isis Maternity Bathing Suit, $90,


While swimming is great exercise, having “goggle face” when you get out of the pool is not so great. The gasket on these ladies goggles is made of an ultra soft kind of silicone that doesn’t leave deep marks. They also have anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses with 180-degree panoramic vision.

K180+ Goggles, $25,

Maternity Leggings

Leggings that cut into your belly make working out uncomfortable—and even more so when you have a baby bump! These leggings are so lightweight and super stretchy that you won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything at all. They’re stylish enough that you can wear them outside the gym to meet a friend for brunch or to run errands.

Maternity Cotton/Spandex Legging, $29,

Maternity Long-Sleeved Zip Cardigan

The soft French terry cloth material makes this a cozy, go-to sweatshirt that’s perfect for layering. It will work for any trimester because the ribbing along the zipper and bottom easily stretches as your silhouette changes. You can wear it post-baby, too.

Maternity Long-Sleeved Zip Cardigan, $39,

Capri Skirt

Part skirt and part Capri pant, this combo is modest to cover legs but cute enough to wear around town. It has two pockets under the skirt for carrying your essentials, such as your keys and iPod. The wide waistband yoke has enough give for a growing belly, but can also be folded down and worn underneath your baby bump. You’ll probably want to go a size larger than normal if you’re in your third trimester.

Lotta Breeze Capri Skirt, $75,


The last thing you want to do is stuff your swelling feet into a pair of heavy sneakers, but this New Balance style is made with special REVlite foam that’s 30% lighter than traditional foams so your legs won’t feel like lead. The heel is also dropped slightly to bring the sole closer to the ground for better stability—which is important as your tummy grows and center of balance shifts.

890v2 Women’s Sneaker, $110.00,

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